The Economic Benefits of Landscaping

Riverwalk crop

It’s really not surprising when you think about it: green spaces are attractive and calming. But, have you ever thought about how the visual perception we get from businesses, neighborhoods and work areas affect us economically?

Of course we know attractive, well maintained landscaping will help with the sale of your home, but did you know that studies show shoppers are more likely to frequent stores with greenery and flowers? Not only that, they will often pay more for the goods sold in those stores. 

Neighborhood (even older, more established ones) property values can benefit from green spaces and attractive landscaping. Studies show that workers are more productive when they have an outside view of plants and green spaces. They experience less stress and report fewer headaches than workers without a view of the outdoors.

A more immediate economic benefit from green space is the cooling effect plants and trees planted correctly can have on your energy bill.

There are many benefits to keeping our spaces green and well maintained. It’s just better for us mentally, physically and economically.

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