Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Services

Turf, Tree & Shrub CareTurf, Tree & Shrub Care

We have a maintenance plan for every individual homeowner or a whole homeowners association and we service everything from patio homes to corporate headquarters. We provide year-round care to ensure your plants thrive and your design remains as beautiful as the day it was created.

Plant Care
Our plant care starts with a diagnosis of existing conditions using soil samples. This provides the information needed for a custom care schedule and also any other materials needed to enhance the plant’s growth habit.

We apply only environmentally responsible herbicides, pesticides, fungicide, and fertilizers to ensure that your green space is healthy and lush.

Landscape MowingMowing and Pruning

Regular lawn and shrub maintenance is key to keeping up the appearance of your green space and protecting your property’s value.
Our lawn and shrub care crews visit on a set schedule year-round to keep your manicured areas looking neat and trimmed. Also, as our most frequent visitors to your property, our crews make a visual inspection while on-site and report back with any problems that may arise.

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