The Outdoor Kitchen Oasis

Summer is in full swing here in the South and we now have little more time on our hands to enjoy an outdoor kitchen once the weather mercifully cools in the evenings.

The outdoor kitchen world is one of the fastest growing in the landscaping industry and has evolved from the simple grill and mini fridge to include such luxuries as wood-burning pizza ovens, kegorators, wine coolers, and granite countertops. The outdoor kitchen is more than just a backyard improvement, it’s an extension of the home.

Not only does an outdoor kitchen instantly increase the value of your home, The National Association of Home Builders estimates the return to be upwards of 130% on your initial investment. This means that you are increasing the value of your home while simultaneously increasing your quality of life.

Like any major renovation to your home, the decision to add an outdoor kitchen into your backyard is a hefty one. That’s why we are here to guide you through every step of the way, from the first design to completion. Every job is done with the preferences and budgets of each specific client in mind. We work with you and a team of specialized landscape experts to create the yard of your dreams, within your means and timetable.

Contact us now to begin building the outdoor kitchen oasis of your dreams.