Plants That Attract Wildlife

Butterflies, bees and birds are welcome additions to any garden, and choosing plants to attract wildlife is easier than you think!

In the Southeast there are many trees, shrubs and flowering perennials that serve as food for deer, birds and other wildlife. It’s a good idea to put the most desirable food plants at the back of your garden so that the “look” of your garden is maintained when the animals feed in your garden.

Black Tupelo, Willow Oak and Sweet Magnolia are good trees for attracting and providing food for wildlife. American Elderberry is a widespread shrub that attracts birds and mammals that feed on its berries.

The Sweet Pepperbush is a native plant of the Southeast that’s white flowers attract butterflies in the Summer. Another good plant for attracting butterflies and feeding caterpillars is the Climbing Aster. Bee Balm has beautiful scarlet flowers, grows in full sun and attracts a wide variety of butterflies. Black-eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Butterfly Bush and Cotoneaster are a few other perennials popular with bees and butterflies.

Hummingbirds like Azaleas, Honeysuckle, and Weigela.

There are many more plant species to choose from if you want your landscape to become an oasis of movement. Just take into consideration sun exposure, how big your space is and what kind of wildlife you want to attract when you plan.

And planning is half the fun!

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