Doing Your Part To Save The Bees

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that bees are becoming an endangered species.  That can’t be good. There are other ways to pollinate crops. Birds, butterflies, and wind all have a part in the process, but bees play an integral part.  Our existence depends on the ability to grow the food necessary to feed humankind, and [...]

The Economic Benefits of Landscaping

It’s not surprising when you think about it.  Green spaces are attractive and calming, but have you ever thought about how the visual perception we get from businesses, neighborhoods and work areas affect us economically? Of course, we know that attractive, well maintained landscaping will help with the sale of your home, but did you [...]

Drought Tolerant Perennials

Most of us have a full schedule.  Working full time, trying to make time for the gym, sports with the kids and many other activities take our time.  The last thing we have time for is gardening, but we all want a beautiful relaxing place to spend time when we are home.  A little planning [...]

May Reminders

We’re well on our way to Summer and now is a good time to check on a few things around your yard.  The temperatures are staying warmer during the day now, so you should check the length of time your irrigation is set to run.  Your lawn can dry out early in the day if [...]

Vegetable Gardening

If you’re thinking of planting a vegetable garden for the first time there are a few things to consider.  Do you have a warm sunny spot in your yard?  You’ll want your garden to get at least 6 hours of sunlight.  Depending on how many vegetables you want to grow, you may want to plant [...]

Things to do in April

In South Carolina the weather is beautiful in April.  It’s not too hot and the flowers are blooming all around. Now is a good time to fertilize established roses. Consider liquid fertilizers and be sure to follow the recommended intervals for application.  It’s also a good idea to add a time release fertilizer to new [...]

Plants That Attract Wildlife

Butterflies, bees and birds are welcome additions to any garden, and choosing plants to attract wildlife is easier than you think. In the Southeast there are many trees, shrubs and flowering perennials that serve as food for deer, birds and other wildlife. It’s a good idea to put the most desirable food plants at the [...]

Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

Warm weather inspires us to enjoy the great outdoors.  For many of us it is also a signal to prepare our yard for the Spring and Summer growing season.  Testing the pH of your lawn annually will let you know what supplements your lawn needs to be healthy. Apply fertilizer according to the manufacturers recommendations [...]

Irrigation Smart Controllers

Proper watering is essential to a healthy green lawn, but having an irrigation system alone may not be enough.  Standard irrigation clocks control the time of day and length of time the system runs, but they run on schedule regardless of weather conditions. Irrigations systems with Smart Controllers are engineered to save valuable time, money [...]

Pre-Spring Planting

It’s cold outside and most of us are still enjoying crackling fires and warm sweaters, but Winter will be over soon.   Typically, we wait for warmer weather to start thinking of our outdoor living spaces.  When the trees begin sprouting leaves and the Spring bulbs pop through the mulch we start to get ideas for [...]