Things to do in April


In South Carolina the weather is beautiful in April.  It’s not too hot and the flowers are blooming all around.

Now is a good time to fertilize established roses. Consider liquid fertilizers and be sure to follow the recommended intervals for application.  It’s also a good idea to add a time release fertilizer to new and established plant beds.  Make sure new plantings get enough water to promote growth and become healthy and well established.

Trim dead twigs and limbs from your trees and shrubs.  Clean up flower beds, remove dead leaves and spent flowers. A little clean-up will improve the look of your garden and will reveal any problems that may need your attention.  You’ll be able to inspect your plants for any disease or fungus that may be present and treat them before it gets serious.

Spot treat for weeds or hand pull them periodically.  Be careful when using herbicides near your annuals and perennials.  Not all herbicides are safe to use with all plants. Always follow label recommendations.