Pre-emergent Herbicides for Weed Control

Almost everyone looks forward to Spring.  The temperatures warm, birds return to the trees and the landscape begins to turn green with new growth.  Unfortunately, a lot of that green comes from unwelcome weeds.   Planning ahead can limit the amount of weeds that invade your landscape every Spring. An application of pre-emergent herbicide timed appropriately can prevent a majority of weeds from returning to your lawn. Pre-emergent herbicides should be applied 2 to 3 weeks before weeds sprout.  Weed seeds sprout in cooler temperatures than previously thought, so applying pre-emergent to control weeds should be done before temperatures reach 50 degrees.

In case you miss the window of opportunity to apply pre-emergent a post-emergent application can destroy weeds that have already sprouted.  Care should be taken when applying post-emergent herbicides.  Some herbicides are selective and kill only specific types of weeds while others can destroy anything they come in contact with, such as your lawn, shrubs and flowers.

Eliminating weeds entirely is virtually impossible, but maintaining a hIMG_2074ealthy lawn with regular applications of fertilizer, lime and pre-emergent can keep weeds under control.