May Reminders

We’re well on our way to Summer and now is a good time to check on a few things around your yard.  The temperatures are staying warmer during the day now, so you should check the length of time your irrigation is set to run.  Your lawn can dry out early in the day if it’s not getting enough water.  Remember, you’re watering the roots, not the blades of grass above the ground.  Do a test to see if the roots are getting water.  Loosen the dirt and stick your finger in the ground.  The dirt should be moist around the grass roots.

While you’re checking for moisture take a look at the dirt you have exposed and see if there are any grubs, eggs or other insects visible.  This is a good opportunity to head off some types of insect infestation.

It’s also a good time to fertilize warm season grasses.  Apply the appropriate fertilizer for your grass and always follow the manufacturers recommendations.