Living Tree vs Live-Cut Tree

What is the difference between a living and live-cut tree?  A living Christmas tree is one that is bought for the season that has the root ball intact.  This way you can replant afterwards and use it year after year. Remember though, it will grow taller, so I would suggest buying a smaller tree initially.  Living trees are also more expensive.  A live-cut tree is one that you or a salesperson cuts at a Christmas tree farm.  A live-cut tree can’t be replanted, since there is no root ball and it is on its last leg once you cut it.   A living tree can only be used as a Christmas tree in your home for a maximum of ten days versus a live-cut tree lasting a bit longer.  The living tree is more work, since it has to be moved into your home gradually with small increments of temperature increases.   Both trees need to be kept away from drafts and/or vents and watered daily.  No matter what your choice is, a fresh tree is always aromatic and festive!