Pre-emergent Herbicides for Weed Control

Almost everyone looks forward to Spring.  The temperatures warm, birds return to the trees and the landscape begins to turn green with new growth.  Unfortunately, a lot of that green comes from unwelcome weeds.   Planning ahead can limit the amount of weeds that invade your landscape every Spring. An application of pre-emergent herbicide timed appropriately [...]

Flooding and Drainage Solutions

Drainage issues in your yard can be unsightly, but can also lead to many other problems.  Erosion, turf disease and insect infestation also result from poor drainage and standing water.  Many homeowners here in South Carolina became aware of drainage problems in their yards during the recent floods.  Correcting these problems now can prevent more [...]

Living Tree vs Live-Cut Tree

What is the difference between a living and live-cut tree?  A living Christmas tree is one that is bought for the season that has the root ball intact.  This way you can replant afterwards and use it year after year. Remember though, it will grow taller, so I would suggest buying a smaller tree initially. [...]

To do’s for Holiday Greenery

I know it’s early, but I’ve been getting emails about outdoor decorations with live greenery. It’s early because the real stuff will turn brown and fall off stem quickly.  So, my advice, buy greenery about two weeks from Christmas Day.  Even better is to find live plants in your backyard.  Remember to run your fingers [...]

The REAL facts about Poinsettias

It’s the last day to order your beautifully wrapped poinsettia for the holidays. Are you holding off because of the Poinsettia myth?   It is amazing how many people think that if a pet or child ingests a poinsettia leaf, it will be toxic.  Not at all.  Did you know because of this myth, scientists [...]

Buy your Poinsettia!

He’s such a pansy….

Pansy….well, thank you!  I don’t know how the term pansy began as a negative connotation, but Pansies are quite the contrary. Pansies are one of the hardiest flowers to plant in the fall and they can last up to 8 months. That is a really good deal! Even if we have some winter precipitation, they [...]

Protecting Plants in a Freeze

It’s getting colder outside at night.  You may have planted over the past couple of months like I did.  If you have, be aware that new plantings need to be protected.  Depending on the hardiness of your plant, you will need to take protective measures to save it.  Since we live in the South, most [...]

It’s Fall and it actually feels like it!

I am hoping this 70 degree weather is going to stay awhile.  Time for spending more time outside and enjoying the weather without becoming dehydrated!  Our crews are loving the weather and are hustling to prepare the lawns for Spring.  Yes, Spring!   Many think that your lawn does nothing in the colder months, but [...]

Outdoor living ideas

I have been inundated with ideas from homeowners for outdoor living.  I am excited to see all the interest in the media and by friends and neighbors.  I am always looking for pictures that could help clients gather ideas and thoughts about their outdoor spaces.  I have run across some pictures that show different pavers and [...]